Conference Organization

Workshop 2016

Towards a Red and Green Future? Marxism, Critical Theory, and Environmental Philosophy (Speakers: Paul Burkett (Indiana), Brett Clark (Utah), Deborah Cook (Windsor), Anna Peterson (Florida), John Sanbonmatsu (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Steven Vogel (Denison))

Workshop 2013

Global Ethics and Capitalism Rethinking Critical Theory (Speakers: Eduardo Mendieta (Stony Brook), Tony Smith (Iowa State University), Carol C. Gould (CUNY, Graduate Center), Commentators: Todd Hedrick (MSU), Russell Lucas (MSU), Richard Peterson (MSU)).

Workshop 2011

Technik und Verdinglichung.  Perspektiven der Technik- und Sozialphilosophie im Anschluss an Heidegger und die Kritische Theorie; 15 speakers; BTU Cottbus (program, pdf)

Workshop 2010

Commodification, Technoculture, and the Human. Rethinking Technology (Speakers: Andrew Feenberg (Simon Frasier U), Donna Haraway (U of California, Santa Cruz), Paul Thompson (MSU)

Workshops 2009

Technology, Time, and the Political. Modernity and Memory from Heidegger to Stiegler

Power, Conflict, and Commitment. Rethinking the Political (Speakers: Amy Allen (Dartmouth), Simon Critchley (New School), Robert Gooding-Williams (U of Chicago)

Workshop 2006

Intersubjectivity, Recognition, Otherness. Rethinking Intersubjectivity (Speakers: Hans Joas (Erfurt/Berlin), Robert R. Williams (Chicago), Bettina Bergo (U of Montreal)

Weekend Seminars and Graduate Student Workshops

I organized graduate seminar retreats in 2006, 2008, and 2010. These weekend seminars were reminders of what academic work is all about, namely, working together in philosophical friendship on one topic in peaceful settings.

2010: Adorno and Heidegger


from left to right (upper row): Terry Echterling, Matthew Johnson, Steven Schoonover, Esme Murdock, Corinne Painter (WCC), Dustin Byrd, Anna Malavisi, Mladjo Ivanovic, Andrew Woodson, (lower row) Lotz, Ivan Guajardo, Michael Brown

2008: Heidegger, Being and Time


from left to right (upper row, 4th): Gerard Kuperus (USF), Ivan Guajardo, Jennifer Caseldine-Bracht, John Wallace, Terry Echterling, Corinne Painter (WCC), Marjolein Oele (USF), 3rd: Carlos Melendez, Shannon Proctor, Steven Schoonover, 2nd: Michael Brown, Matthew Johnson, Sophie Vick, 1st: Joe Stramondo

2006: Intersubjectivity from Hegel to Levinas

[no photo]

Foucault Seminar in 2006

The Foucault seminar in 2006 turned out to be a wonderful experience for both me and students (what a surprise!). Check this page out for more. Here is the group during a visit to the alternate incarceration facility in South-East Michigan, a so called “boot camp”:


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