Publications in Press

“Lucien Goldmann Redivivus. Categories, History, and Resoluteness in Lukacs and Heidegger,” Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy

Review of “Claudia Deglau and Patrick Reinard (eds.), Aus dem Tempel  und dem ewigen Genuß  des Geistes verstoßen? Karl Marx und sein Einfluss auf die  Altertums- und Geisteswissenschaften,“ The Classical Review

Review of “Nicholas Brown, Autonomy. The Social Ontology of Art under Capitalism,” Science & Society

“Critique as Disclosure. Building Blocks for a Phenomenological Appropriation of Marx,” in Why Method Matters: Phenomenology as Critique, eds. Andreea S Aldea, David Carr, and Sara Heinämaa, Northwestern UP

“On Arendt and Luxemburg,” in Continental Philosophy and the History of Philosophy, eds. Christian Lotz and Antonio Calcagno, Lexington Books

“Ultima Ratio Decisions and Absolute Interiority. From Hegel to Bonhoeffer,” in Interiority in Phenomenology, ed. Antonio Calcagno and Elodie Boublil

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