Recent Articles & Chapters

“Marxismus als Methode? Lukács und die Grundlegung einer kritischen Gesellschaftstheorie heute,“ Lukacs Jahrbuch 2021-2023, hg. R. Dannemann, Münster: Aisthesis 2023, 87-111.

“Lucien Goldmann Redivivus. Categories, History, and Resoluteness in Lukacs and Heidegger,” Metodo, 9/2, 2022, 241-273.

“Critique as Disclosure. Building Blocks for a Phenomenological Appropriation of Marx,” in Phenomenology as Critique: Why Method Matters, eds. Andreea S Aldea, David Carr, and Sara Heinämaa, Routledge 2022, 207-223.

“Capital as Positionality. On Marx and Heidegger,” in Marxism and Phenomenology. The Dialectical Horizons of Critique, eds. Bryan Smyth and Richard Westerman, Lexington Books 2021, 151-170.

“Movement or Event? Negri vs. Badiou on Politics,” in Open Borders: Encounters Between Italian Philosophy and Continental Thought, ed. Antonio Calcagno and Silvia Benso, Albany: SUNY Press 2021, 231-254.

“Categorial Forms as Intelligibility of Social Objects. Reification and Objectivity in Lukács.,” in Confronting Reification. Revitalizing Georg Lukács’s Thought in Late Capitalism, ed. Gregory R. Smulewicz-Zucker, Leiden: Brill/Chicago: Haymarket Books 2020, 25-47.

“Marxist Aesthetics, Realism, and Photography. On Brecht’s War Primer.” in Capital in the Mirror:  Critical Social Theory and the Aesthetic Dimension, ed. Daniel Krier and Mark P. Worrell, New York: SUNY Press 2020, 63-89.

“Gewissen und Widerstand,” in Vernunft und Leben aus transzendentaler Perspektive. Festschrift für Albert Mues zum 80. Geburtstag, ed. Leonhard Möckl, Michael Gerten, Matthias Scherbaum, Würzburg: Königshausen&Neumann 2019, 283-293.

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